The secrets behind the images you see…


We love hearing the wonderful comments we receive about the different poses and set ups we use for so many of the Newborn babies we are fortunate to welcome to the studio and photograph.
During a session, we talk through the poses with the parents, who love to see the final image when it is created, and the fact that they have seen ‘behind the scenes’ how the shots are created.

We wanted to give you a peek into the work that goes into creating a newborn pose, and to understand how post production editing also plays a large part in the final image that you will see!

Firstly, it is important to remind you that I have received training in the art of safely posing newborns.  Please do always enquire with any newborn photographer what training they have undertaken, and encourage your friends to do the same.  I am proud of my training and continuous improvement through courses, and will always be happy to talk this through with any families intending to book a session.
Some of our families will ask for specific poses, others are happy to be advised by us on the day.  The poses that we capture really do depend on the model – we will never force a baby into a position just to achieve a shot.  We are totally guided by baby on the day.  If a baby is very sleepy, it is easier for them to be posed in a variety of positions during our flow.  If the baby is more awake, or perhaps a little unsettled, we will either wrap and pose them or work through as much of our flow of posing as we can – if we try to achieve a particular pose and baby is not happy, we never push them, instead moving on to something more suitable.
One pose many Newborn photographers will attempt to achieve is the ‘froggy’. This is where baby is sat with their legs forward and head balanced on their chin (looking similar to a frog’s pose).  Some babies are not comfortable in this position and therefore, we will not continue to keep trying, instead, moving onto a more suitable pose.
We have found that quite a few babies will be happy to pose in this position if their legs are tucked under them, allowing them to feel more comfortable.  This pose will then be captured by myself whilst either Laura or mum/dad support the baby AT ALL TIMES.  Baby should not be left unattended (as with many of our poses) and should be fully supported.  All photographers who have attended certified courses on how to handle and pose Newborn babies safely will ensure that baby is constantly held during these poses.
To achieve this, firstly we take a shot of the baby being held securely from above, see image below…
Then, the person supporting the baby carefully changes so that they are supporting the baby by holding the arms, see image below…
When the session is over, I then use post production editing to create a composite image (combination of the two images), which is what the parents will see in their gallery, see the final edited image below…
You can also see how during editing, I have evened out the skin tone and removed any scratches or blemishes.
A great deal of time and care is taken both during our sessions and also after, when editing your images ready for viewing.  It is important that you are more than happy with your whole journey with us and are equally delighted with the final images presented to you.

If you have any questions or would like to book a session, please do not hesitate to contact me either via Facebook, Instagram, or email

Please do also take the time to read through reviews that my wonderful families have taken the time to leave for me – their words hopefully say it all!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope to hear from you soon!
Lyn xxx


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