Feeling the heat? How to stay cool when pregnant…


Every woman who has had a baby and been heavily pregnant during the summer knows what all heavily pregnant women are going through when seeing them suffering in this heat. Especially those of you still at work and having to commute in hot cars, or having to chase around after excitable toddlers when really you just want to make a bed next to the fan and never move!

We wanted to share our top tips for all of our mummies ‘to be’ who are struggling with this heat – and would love to hear any ideas that you have to share?

The one lifesaver that we recommend every pregnant mummy rushes straight out to buy is a cooling Face Spray – these are incredible for spritzing on your face and body, and lowering your core temperature for a few minutes.  We would highly recommend Magicool and Evian Face Sprays, but there are a variety on the market, and most are less than £5.  These are perfect to keep in your handbag and by your bed – in fact, within easy reach at all times!

If you have already started maternity leave, you may wish to invest in a basic paddling pool (which will come in handy next summer!).  Find a lovely and cool shady spot, sit in a chair with your feet in the paddling pool, and while away a couple of hours, reading or catching up on the latest episodes of your favourite Netflix shows.  Keeping your feet in the cool water will reduce your overall body temperature and really help alleviate that sense of over heating, which is incredibly important for you and the baby.

You should also be trying to elevate your feet as much as possible to keep the ankle swelling to a minimum.  This is the perfect excuse to relax on the sofa or bed for a few hours, with a lovely cool fan to keep you company, maybe having a scroll through our Facebook page and planning the colours that you would love us to include in your session?

Being pregnant in the heat means that you need to stay constantly hydrated.  You may also find that chewing ice cubes or ice pops helps – or maybe try something a little more fun and partake in a refreshing mocktail or two?  Our favourite is a Mojito that is just as good, if not better, than the real thing… Mix mint leaves with some sugar and give them a bash with the end of a rolling pin or pestle and mortar.  Then add to a glass already filled with lots of ice,  add soda water and lime juice.  Give your mocktail a stir and sit back and relax…

But it isn’t all bad news – just think about the Vitamin D you are topping up on, helping you grow the strongest bones for your little one.  If you are going to catch a bit of sunshine, make sure that you use the strongest SPF that you can, as your skin will be super sensitive  during your pregnancy.   Try and keep your maternity wardrobe to the minimum in this heat – thank goodness for cool maxi dresses!  A lot of our maternity mums visiting us at the moment are popping to their favourite shops and getting slightly larger maxi dresses to wear, so that they can stay fashionable and feel good.  For all of our mums to be with maternity sessions booked in the next few weeks, rest assured that we have LOTS of fans in the studio, plus a range of gowns in lovely cool fabrics.

We hope this has helped a little – we would love to hear your ideas too!  Thank you so much for all of your feedback and comments, we love hearing from you!



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