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As a Mum of four gorgeous children, and having watched them grow through the wonderful newborn, inquisitive and toddling stages into little humans, it is only natural that I have plenty of experience with caring for, entertaining and distracting children! Photography has always been my passion (my children will agree, they can relive every moment of their childhoods through our family photo albums!), however I have worked hard to develop my hobby, with training and qualifications to create Lyn Braund Photography with the aim of capturing unforgettable moments at cost-effective prices for our families.


Since founding my photography business, I am proud to have had my work recognised with numerous awards by the Guild of Photographers. Additionally, in 2018 I was welcomed into the Guild of Photographers Bar for Newborn photography, a recognition I am hugely proud of and will work hard to uphold. In order to achieve this position, and most importantly have a collection of wonderful, happy families, I have received one-to-one, hands-on training to safely and professionally handle and pose Newborn babies and young children.


Our warm, welcoming and family-friendly studio offers a comfortable all-round experience with unwavering personal service. We are incredibly patient and will never enforce a time limit during our sessions – if we need those precious extra minutes to settle your baby, then we’ll accommodate every second it takes. We also understand the importance of building rapport with our little visitors so always build in some time for play and cuddles!


Thank you so much for choosing to capture your family’s story with us at Lyn Braund Photography – every family is a valued friend of the studio so I look forward to seeing you soon!

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